Sunday, October 18, 2015

Lunch Is Important to Overall Health

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but other meals are essential to having a healthy body. Mid-day is one of the most important times to stop for something to eat. While it might seem like there is no time for it, lunch is probably one of the most important things to have.
Key for Healthy Metabolism
For those concerned about weight loss, it might seem like a good idea to skip the long lines and not bother with the mid-day break. However, by going without food, the body goes into storage mode. Instead of maintaining a constant metabolism, the body slows down, making it harder to burn fat. Eating lunch can help keep metabolism active and assist in those weight loss goals. Those who skip meals also tend to overeat later in the day because of increased appetite.
In addition to keeping metabolism up, mid-day meals can help to re-energize the body. Even if the serving is something small, it can refresh the mind, raise lowered blood sugar levels, and help workers take on the rest of the afternoon without feeling sluggish, especially if a small snack in between the meal and quitting time is consumed.
Essential for Healthy Mind
Those working through the hustle and bustle of the 9 to 5 environment often find themselves working through this time, grabbing something simple to eat at their desks. While this might be convenient for workers, it is not the healthiest option. Taking a break and getting away from the desk gives them the opportunity to find a meal that is healthy, fulfilling, and also rests the mind. Breaks like this are essential to a productive work environment.
Kids Need Mid-day Nutrition
Lunch is especially important for kids. School-aged children don't have the opportunity to grab a snack during the day to help power them through their studies. In addition, there is a large gap, sometimes six to seven hours, between when breakfast is consumed and the end of the school day. Children who skip this meal are sluggish and inattentive during the latter half of the day, and their grades can suffer. This meal can make up as much as one-third of the child's daily nutritional intake, making it an important meal in terms of health and development.
Things to Remember
Because the mid-day meal is important, healthy options are essential. For those looking for the most energy, choose lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Choices like whole grain bread, low-fat cottage cheese, and lean turkey fulfill this need. Fruits and vegetables bring balance to the meal as well.
Breakfast may be the most important meal, and supper may be the most fulfilling, but lunch shouldn't be forgotten. It is a time to replenish the nutrients used during the morning. It helps power consumers through the rest of their day. It also offers an opportunity for kids and adults alike to recharge their brains after a hard morning of work.
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