Sunday, October 18, 2015

Organic Indian Spices - They Help in Weight Loss

'Stay Healthy' is the much-loved mantra for the new generations as well as the old ones. With medical expenses touching almost the sky, people are now getting more heath conscious to avoid potential health hazards. Do you believe that use of organic Indian spices could help you stay healthy and fit? Regular exercises have a role in reducing your extra flab and keep you in shape but it is also important to make changes in your diet chart.
Some foods, especially the spice ones, add to fat and are not healthy at all. Curbing oily and spicy items from your regular diet will definitely help you shed off your weight and stay slim like before. However, use of organic spices in limited amount will cause no harm to body and even work on flab around waist and in other parts. There is no need to spend on weight-loss pills. You can get better and side-effect free results just by using organic spices that are less costly.
Obese people suffer several kinds of problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, fast pulse rate, breathing problems, anxiety, bad headache, kidney diseases and many more. You can stave off those diseases by keeping your weight under control. Let us now take a look at some most common Indian organic spices which can help you in your mission of 'lose weight'.
Turmeric: It is the commonest of Indian spices and extensive used in cuisines throughout the country. This spice has several medicinal benefits. It maintains the right balance in glucose level and increases digestive power, thereby ensuring good health.
Chili Powder: It is one of the most powerful catalysts among organic Indian spices and helps in quick burning of calories by increasing body temperature.
Cinnamon: Scientists have proved that this spice along with other most prominent ones like bay leaves, cloves and turmeric feature a drug-like property responsible for regulating insulin activity. A sprinkle of all these spices in your food will help in keeping blood sugar controlled.
Fennel: Fennel adds a distinct and good taste to your food. Do you know it is a very good spice helping in weight loss and control? Chew some fennel seeds ahead of taking your meal as it will keep your appetite in check. As an alternative option, you can use the seeds to tea or in bread/muffins.
Organic Spices in Pickles
Pickles are hot favorite with the Indians. The Indian people use a variety of pickles. These are usually made spicy and taken with roti (hand-made breads) or rice. Pickles could be sweet, sour, chilly or a mix of different tastes. Usually, pickles are not recommended for the obese people or those with heart problems or poor digestive system. However, you can use organic spices while making pickles to ensure these can be healthy for all..
Chicken pickles are not very common and all are not expert at making these. However, pickles are also available at some online grocery stores. Whatever you want, just place an order and things will be delivered in no time.
Donald Finch love organic Indian spices. He knows these are healthy and have several health benefits including weight loss. In this article, he has mentioned some common Indian spices, regular intake of which will help obese people get back their slim shape.

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